Intro: God's Creative Process

Ok a little bit about us….

After meeting in Jonesboro, Arkansas, in 2008, the first question we had for each other was, “Where have you been all of my life?” Believe it or not, Adrian prayed to God after looking at a magazine, pointing at a photo of Nancy and telling God he wanted to marry a girl like this, not knowing that he was going to meet this young girl in that magazine a year later. Wow!!! Adrian has always been an inventor and businessman at heart. That’s one of the requests he ask God for when he was little. Adrian told God he wanted to serve Him and become wealthy like Solomon to help his people. 

In the meantime, Nancy was growing up as a little artist by trade. She would make little booklets and flip books of cartoons, design houses, clothes and whatever she could create on paper. Everything turned into an art project, even her homework (wink, wink). It was destiny for these two to meet. After a divorce and being a single mom for eight years, Nancy gave her life to the Lord and met Adrian afterwards. Adrian asked God what was his assignment in Nancy’s life. He heard the words loud and clear, to LOVE her. One day, while dating, Nancy and Adrian were in the park and Nancy heard in a soft voice, that’s your husband. So, fast forward a year later, they got married in 2009 and left Arkansas by faith to their said promise land, San Antonio Texas, the land of milk and honey!! 

After arriving in San Antonio, Adrian and Nancy faced many challenges, both good and bad. They quote, “We really had to trust God like it was our last breath.” God begin to develop Nancy and Adrian into the business moguls they are today. They have multiple streams of income and the best part about it is they didn’t have to get a loan to start on their business ventures. They have a mighty investor and his name is Jehovah Jireh, the Lord who supplies every need according to his riches and Glory. God himself taught them how to create wealth. Adrian and Nancy have learned quite a bit in the eight years of being entrepreneurs in the Kingdom of God. “God literally stripped us from who we thought we were and how we thought it was supposed to be. Now we can say, without a doubt, that the Lord is our CEO and we are just the COO…”

God has blessed them with Artistic Rootz LLC, which consist of Napp2reality, Natural Hair Farm, Artistic Rootz Natural Hair Clinic, Kingdomaire Publishing, Eagle Visionaries, Kera’s Hair Adventures, In Glory Fashion (Men) and much more. Adrian and Nancy are God fearing people who want to advance the kingdom of God, there mandate is to help the body of Christ into purpose.